ION Audio has just announced Garage Rocker, a jobsite speaker that is wireless, water-resistant, a magnetic tool holder, and yes, a place to hold your drill bits upright.

Jobsite speakers are a niche category (kind of like party/karaoke speakers) that are meant to withstand environments where there is loud noise from tools being used and exposure to liquids and dust. Many of them come with similar features, like a rugged housing, compartments for storing tools, and a sizable Bluetooth range. They’re great not just for construction sites, but also for home use in the garage or backyard.

ION Audio’s Garage Rocker has a few notable points. It has a lot of integrated storage that’s also accessible — the top not only has an integrated ruler, protractor, drill bit holder, socket tray, and magnetized screw tray, but the sides are magnetic as well so tools can be within easy reach. The housing is IPX5 water-resistant, sports a metal grille to protect the speaker, and has large rubber buttons that can be used even while wearing work gloves.

As far as the sound goes, Garage Rocker boasts a 50-watt speaker (which means it should get pretty loud) and can stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device. There’s also an 1/8-inch aux input for connecting other devices that don’t have Bluetooth and, because why not, it also comes with a “high quality” microphone and cable. The company says the speaker’s battery should last up to 50 hours on a full charge, and it also has the capability to power up your phone via a USB charge port. Lastly, it comes with a built-in digital AM/FM radio and internal…