There are times in life when the odds feel so steep, and the obstacles so daunting, that the challenges we confront feel impossible to overcome.

Once in a while though, there’s a story that gives us a little hope. So we can keep dreaming.

Here’s one of those stories: Early Friday, Bay Area resident Christian Keil saw one of his prized possessions, an AirPod, tumble onto the tracks in a Berkeley Bay Area Rapid Transit station — or as it’s called by locals, BART — as he was heading into San Francisco.

What if, instead of jumping onto the tracks to retrieve his AirPod like a person hungry for a mouthful of train, Keil instead asked BART’s Twitter account to return it to him?

BART staffers monitoring the rail line’s Twitter account noticed his tweet and said they’d dispatch someone to return the AirPod to him.

To facilitate the retrieval, BART exchanged a few logistical messages with Keil.

And then, just a few hours after Keil tweeted about his AirPod’s misadventure, a BART employee climbed down on the tracks and picked it up for him. It was all captured on video, along with a common-sense safety message: Stay off the tracks, folks.

He told BuzzFeed News he’ll probably pick it up Monday.

BART spokesperson Alicia Trost said the system retrieves items every day and would do the same for anyone who asks. Hats and phones are commonly retrieved items.

So, as you confront the seemingly impossible, remember to breathe, smile, and dream. Miracles do happen. And one day, something amazing might happen to you.