Most of us have a no-go zone of unusable clothes in our closets, an island of out-of-vogue outfits that leave us scratching our heads asking, “What was I thinking?” Maybe it’s a frilly bohemian-inspired blouse that was so hip last summer, or a floral button-up that your wife convinced you to buy then decided you couldn’t pull off, or those leather pants that you love but look ridiculous in the office. Indeed, studies have found that at least one out of every four items of clothing we own goes unworn.

Fashion entrepreneur Christine Hunsicker wants to put that familiar experience behind us. As millennials and other generations embrace the sharing economy, she’s become a leader in the rent-your-wardrobe movement. Hunsicker is the cofounder and CEO of Gwynnie Bee, a subscription clothing service for women size 0 to 32, that allows them to go online, pick as many items as they want, wear them as many times as they want, then return them in a postage-paid envelope for different styles.

Today, she shares with Fast Company her ambitious plan to bring that model—and its technology—to the masses.

Hunsicker has launched a new platform called CaaStle—short for Clothing as a Service—that will allow fashion brands to quickly make a portion of their inventory available to customers to borrow for a flat monthly fee. Brands like Ann Taylor and NY&Co have been beta-testing it for several months, and Hunsicker is now ready to officially roll it out.

[Image: courtesy of CaaStle]

The Reason To Rent

Hunsicker thinks about fashion in very rational terms, amortizing the price of each garment based on how many…