Industrial manufacturing company Cemtrex has taken the idea of an all-in-one workstation to an entirely new level. Its sit / stand SmartDesk has everything from three monitors to a scanner built into a minimal setup that it says “combines and reimagines all the needs of a modern office.”

The desk has three 24-inch IPS touchscreen displays, which, combined, is a total of 72 inches. The company says that it uses a proprietary touch gesture system, so you can flip through images and documents with a wave of your hand. (Good luck if you spill something or break it.) They’re all connected to a Windows PC that’s powered by an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 and attached to the underside of the desk. There’s one USB 3.1 Type-C port, two USB 3.1 Type-A, two USB 2, an audio jack, and Ethernet interface.

Naturally, the keyboard is also integrated into the desk along with a trackpad. The surface of the desk also works as a scanner, so you can lay documents right on the surface and scan with a click. This surface also boasts a wireless charger for your phone, and there’s a little slide-out drawer with earbuds so you can take calls and send texts without having to touch your phone at all.

In theory, this is all well and good. The Cemtrex desk is incredibly sleek and clean-looking, without a deluge of wires or gadgets cluttering the surface. But if a piece needs to be repaired, it’s hard to tell exactly how “built-in” some of these components are, and if something is proprietary, you don’t know how difficult it would be to get it fixed. There’s also the price tag of $3,999. Someone who is…