YouTube announced today that it had removed four videos–which express hatred toward liberals, Muslims, and trans children–by right-wing bullshit artist (proper media reference is “conspiracy theorist”) Alex Jones, saying that they had violated its policy on “violent or graphic content.”

But three of the four videos are still alive and well on Facebook. It’s a timely demonstration of Facebook’s policy on fake news and other disinformation, on which it doubled down yesterday: It will not remove content that is merely false–the content has to threaten violence or violate some other part of the platform’s community standards in order to be taken down. Apparently at least three of the Jones videos weren’t threatening enough to be removed from Facebook.

Here are the links to the videos on Facebook, should you want to check them out.

Shocking ‘Drag Tots’ Cartoon Sparks Outrage: This one is outright hate spew against trans people.

How To Prevent Liberalism – A Public Service Announcement: Here, Jones mocks a little kid who is shown being pushed to the ground by an adult male.

SHOCK REPORT: Learn How Islam Has Already Conquered Europe: This one features factual distortion and hate speech against Muslims as a group.

Oddly, one of the videos, called “VIDEO: French President Macron Pretends Crime Rates And Migrants Are Not Co-Related” has apparently been removed from the InfoWars Facebook page, possibly by InfoWars itself.

InfoWars has the removed videos front and center on its home page at the moment in a piece called “Watch These Videos YouTube Doesn’t Want You To See.” The author…