The Studio, a startup that’s setting out to help merchants and product developers manufacture their own customized goods, has raised $11 million in a series A round of funding led by Ignition Partners, with participation from FJ Labs, VTF, WTI, Firebolt Ventures, and Interplay Ventures.

Founded in 2013, The Studio — which stylizes its name as The/Studio — targets anyone from individual creatives to boutiques and enterprises looking to design and produce their own custom products. Though it could be used for a single item, which many of its customers do for prototyping purposes, that can be more expensive. According to the company, the sweet spot for production is around 100 items, at which point the price is low enough for the customer to make a meaningful profit.

The Studio is ultimately looking to work in multiple product verticals, but for now it’s focused squarely on fashion manufacturing — so you won’t be able to produce 3D-printed jewelry quite yet. But in time, the company hopes to expand into furniture and consumer electronics.


There may be two broad kinds of customers: those who have designs prepared and are just looking for access to manufacturing and the broader supply chain, and those who require design support. The Studio offers access to a product design team and works with customers to finalize their product.

Above: The Studio: Customer dashboard (chat)

Through the platform, customers are also given access to the manufacturing and shipping status of their order.

Above: The Studio: Status

It’s worth noting here that The Studio offers a software platform…