Never tweet. At least not from a burner account.

Last week, The Ringer published an extensive report on the suspicious connections between Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations and general manager Bryan Colangelo and five burner accounts on Twitter that sent out numerous tweets criticizing other NBA executives, the behavior of current and former Sixers players, and leaking privileged medical information about said players. The tweets sent shockwaves through the NBA.

Today Colangelo resigned from his positions with the 76ers.

The scandal placed Colangelo — a member of what is widely considered the first family of the NBA, alongside his father Jerry Colangelo, the former owner of the Phoenix Suns and director of USA Basketball — in the middle of the biggest scandal to hit the NBA in years. Among other targets, the tweets sent by those burner accounts criticized 76ers franchise player Joel Embiid, the team’s first round draft pick Markelle Fultz, former player Jahlil Okafor, and fellow GMs around the league.

Although Colangelo denied having control of four of those accounts — he admitted to owning one of the more innocuous accounts that didn’t tweet sensitive information — the Philadelphia 76ers ownership group promptly announced it was opening an independent investigation into the matter.

While a few critical tweets may seem innocuous to some, for the Sixers, they threaten to damage the upcoming offseason of a team with a decent chance to land NBA superstar LeBron James, sign other key free agents like Paul George, and keep their…