Amazon has announced some broad sales numbers from the retail bonanza weekend that spans Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

With the battle of the voice-enabled smart speaker market intensifying, Amazon lowered the price for the bottom-end Echo Dot device from $50 to $30. The move was apparently successful, as the Echo Dot became Amazon’s top-selling product from “any manufacturer in any category,” according to a press release. The Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote was also among the best-selling devices overall.

The Echo Dot had similarly grabbed the top spot when Amazon lowered many of its prices for its third annual Prime Day fire sale back in July.

True to form, Amazon doesn’t reveal any hard numbers, aside from telling us that it sold “millions of Alexa devices” and that customers bought “2.7 times” as many Fire TV Sticks compared to last year.

One other interesting-ish little tidbit emerged: The Echo Dot was the top-selling device at Whole Foods Market over the weekend, though in fairness, the Amazon-owned company doesn’t exactly sell many non-Amazon devices.

As Amazon now battles it out with other tech giants — such as Google, which recently launched the $50 Home Mini speaker — any excuse to drop its prices will help it gain a firmer foothold in an increasingly competitive space. Elsewhere, Apple recently announced it was delaying the launch of its HomePod until 2018.

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