“I expected everybody to get really mad.”

Posted on June 27, 2018, at 12:27 p.m. ET

Caffier, who wrote about his experience visiting the mural for Vice, described it as “a pastiche of all the worst instagrammable street art trends of the past decade.”

The angel wings mural was revealed on Tuesday to be a promotional stunt for a new series called Like and Subscribe, a scripted comedy satirizing influencer culture that airs on the streaming platform Go90. There was no explicit promotion of the new show on the mural, which won’t even be featured on the series, but hey, we’re all talking about it now, aren’t we?

The series stars EDM DJ Dillon Francis as the harried manager of a bunch of influencers who live in a house together. The show is loosely about the follies of social media and fame. Antics ensue.

Jack Wagner, the creator of the series, told BuzzFeed News that he wasn’t surprised by the reaction on Twitter. “I expected everybody to get really mad,” he said. “I guess it’s just funny, what people care about and choose to get angry about. Really this is just a mural in a parking lot with a tent.”

Wagner said that he hired a real security guard and told him the bare minimum: that it was for a show and what the rules were (you can be either verified or have 20,000-plus followers on either Twitter or Instagram). According to Wagner, a few people who fit the bill showed up…