Tailor Brands, a company that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help companies automate elements of their marketing and branding, has announced a new AI-powered social media management tool that automatically creates, schedules, and optimizes content to share on social networks.

Launching out of beta today, Tailor Social is an expansion of an existing product the company already included as part of its core product offering.

Founded in 2014, New York-based Tailor Brands has raised north of $20 million in funding, including a $15.5 million round just a few months back. The company has been setting out to teach computers how to design logos, formulate landing pages, and even plan social media strategies. However, all these features were bundled together as part of a single package. With a standalone Tailor Social subscription, the startup is opening up the feature to everyone — whether they want an automated logo design or not.

Moreover, Tailor Brands is expanding the scope of the offering. While it already offered up social-sharing text and designs constructed by its own AI bots, it will now recommend content from across the web — such as articles, videos, and GIFs. Brands have to first tell the platform about their industry and areas of interest, and Tailor Social will do the rest, including suggesting schedules for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and soon Instagram.

Above: Schedule: Tailor Social

Above: Timeline: Tailor Social

It’s worth noting here that while the social scheduling automation can be set up with humans giving the final approval, there is also a complete autopilot mode,…