AMD is kicking its EPYC processors into high gear by announcing at SuperComputing 17 that is has several OEMs, distributors, and system integrators ready to deliver EPYC-based systems capable of delivery PetaFLOPS of performance.

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One system integrator, AMAX, has developed the [SMART]Rack P47, an all-inclusive high-performance rackscale appliance that incorporates 20x P47 platforms to provide up to a PetaFLOPS of single precision compute performance and more than 10 terabytes of DDR4 memory in each rack.

Each P47 system features a single EPYC 7000 series CPU along with four Radeon Instinct MI25 GPUs, each of which is capable of delivering up to 12.3 TFLOPS of single precision performance.

A single EPYC 7601 offers three times the performance-per-dollar compared to Intel’s Xeon Platinum 8180M chip.

“As a high-performance technology provider enabling enterprises to close the gap between scale up performance, compute density and cost, AMAX sees the P47 as a game changer,” said Julia Shih, VP of Business Development, AMAX. “Starting from a single P47 platform, we can scale upwards to supercomputing-class performance by leveraging AMD EPYC, AMD Radeon Instinct, and the ROCm software platform to support Deep Learning, rendering, and a host of other workloads. The [SMART]Rack P47 is the first turnkey PetaFLOPS-in-a-Rack solution geared towards technical performance and business acceleration, married with ease of use. We are excited to announce…

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