We have made our selves so miserable that we do not admit our fault and blame others for our current situation.

Ask your self one question

Has complaining solved your problems? When we complain about anything to our family or friends, we bring negative energy into our livings. The energy that we spent in complaining, if we spend this energy on something positive, it can transform our lives, and we can live a happy life.

So I challenged that i will stop complaining and see what happened.

I knew it was my old habit and it would take some time to break it. I knew this very well that any habit can be broken if you have strong willpower and consistency.

I am pretty successful now. It is going to be two months that I started practicing not to complain. I am very successful in it too.

Following are the things I do to stop complaining:

1.Express Gratitude

I decided to say phrases like.”Thank you so much”, Thanks for helping.

It takes time to become grateful. Every morning, I get up with the feeling of thankfulness for what i have.

2. Change Perspective

Everybody has a different perspective about life. By just accepting this, you will see that you are more open to life.

stop complaining

It is not just to agree with everybody, but you can always accept and appreciate their thinkings and values.

I always have a firm hold on what I believed in; this led me to clash with people around me.

So, I decided and made up my mind that i will listen to people and try to understand their point of views.

3. Change Complaints Into Solutions

Every time I find my self-complaining about any things, I ask my self, what can I do to change this?

If there is not a solution, accepting the things the way are the kills the urge to complain.

stop complaining

For example, instead of complaining that is very cold outside, stuff your self with woolens so that I feel warm and cozy.

Use complaints as a stimulant for positive change and positive actions. It will bring peace and happiness to your life.

4. Dissociate From People Who Complain Too Much

Always listening to people who are mad, frustrated, and complain too much about family, life, and other situations just add negative energy into your life.

So, draw a boundary line and surround yourself with people who are happy, grateful, and appreciative of life.

6. Practice Meditation & Yoga

Yoga is a positive way of life it helps you to live a stress-free, healthy, and happy life. It strengthens positive mental attitudes. Yoga increases physical and mental flexibility. It makes you feel alive and live a happy life

stop complaining

I started yoga and meditation. However, I cannot do it daily. 

Always keep in mind that life is all about perspective.

Try my tips and if you see any difference in life. Let me know.