Expanding and upgrading wireless networks requires an astounding amount of investment, both in terms of time and resources. As we head into the era of 5G connectivity, that investment only increases.

But Starry Internet, founded by Chet Kanojia, is looking to lower the cost for the entire industry through a new partnership with Marvell.

Partnering with Marvell, the maker of the 802.11ac and new 802.11ax chipsets, Starry plans to release the reference designs for their fixed wireless technologies. This will incorporate elements of Starry’s millimeter wave fixed wireless IP for pre-standard 5G connectivity, letting any operator across the globe manufacture their own Starry Point devices and sell/distribute their own 5G network.

But let’s back up.

Starry Internet launched back in January of 2016 with a brand new way to deliver internet to urban areas. Using a phased array laser atop a building in a city center, users could connect to ultrafast internet through a device called the Starry Point. The Starry Point would sit outside the user’s window or on their roof and receive connectivity, via millimeter wave technology (the same stuff used in the TSA scanners at the airport), to their home.

The company has raised $63 million thus far, but revolutionizing an industry can be expensive nonetheless, especially when it’s dominated by a small number of incumbents.

To lower costs for both Starry and the wireless industry as a whole, Starry is getting the help of Marvell to build the actual radio chipset for the Starry Point system in the 802.11ax chip. Moreover, Starry and Marvell are now licensing their…