Spoke, a company that aims to help businesses get their internal processes together through an automated ticketing system, exited beta today, after a soft launch in October 2017.

Users can ask questions of the software through email and Slack, and it will use AI to analyze the text of their question and try to find an answer through an internal knowledge base. If an answer doesn’t exist, Spoke will generate a ticket asking a human to respond to the query. The idea behind it is to get the best of both worlds — automation for quick responses, and a human touch when necessary.

Spoke cofounder and CEO Jay Srinivasan told VentureBeat in an interview that it’s targeting companies with a few hundred employees as its core customer base. Customers usually pick it up first for use with the IT help desk or human resources teams, but Spoke is meant to expand beyond those applications into other functions as well.

“If you look at the Spoke that we use within our company, we use it for IT, HR, marketing, sales, some engineering questions,” Srinivasan said. “We have one for finance. We have one for customer invoices. That’s what excites me.”

That’s how the company is aiming to differentiate itself from businesses like Zendesk, which offers help desk software, and those that try to do business automation through the application of bots. Spoke also sees its design as a differentiator. Cofounder and chief creative officer David Kaneda said the company is aiming to be simple and friendly with its approach, cutting down on the amount of work people need to do.

Above: An animation shows how Spoke…