Split, a platform that allows companies to experiment with new product features, has raised $17 million in a series B round of funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from Accel Partners and Harmony Partners.

Founded in 2015 out of Redwood City, California, Split offers a feature experimentation platform designed to help engineering and product teams test new features with a select, focused group of end users. This allows them to release multiple versions of the same feature simultaneously, or perhaps test new features for groups of customers on a specific subscription plan. Split gives companies data and analytics to measure the impact of planned improvements and upgrades.

Split had previously raised around $10 million in funding, and with another $17 million in the bank, the company said it plans to grow its engineering team and “expand its go-to market operations” across the U.S. The latest round comes just a few months after Split officially launched its product to the public.

The broader software testing market is a $34 billion industry globally, and many companies exist to ensure that products perform as they should when they ship to the public. Just this week, two ex-Googlers launched Mabl to bring machine learning to software testing. However, Split nestles in a different segment in that it’s less about bug-finding than it is about identifying and fine-tuning core improvements before they’re considered for inclusion in a final product. Similar companies include A/B testing platform Optimizely, which has raised around $150 million in funding.

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