Storage Almost Full: 

We all often see this message on phones.That says”StorageAlmostFull.”There is a time.  When you want to take a picture, of that beautiful sunset scene. And your phone gives an alert.That, you can not take a picture.

At that time you have no time for deleting old photos as well.So you miss a beautiful moment.If, more storage device is not affordable by you.And you can not even get your pictures deleted.Here is the solution: First step is to take a photo of your apps.Save those pictures to your mobile phone.

Snapchat is best to use for this trick.So greatly, this is the best method.If, your phone memory is full.Here is its method:

After capturing an image, You will see a little arrow on left side of your mobile screen at the bottom.

After, you clicked the button. It Will save the image. Your phone’s library will keep it.This application works for videos as well.This thing is worth trying.

So from today. Start using your social media apps to capture images. When your camera alerts you.Facebook also has an app camera.It allows you save pictures to your cell.Slack is also another.Just take an image within the application.Send it in slack.When it starts loading.Wait until the menu comes up.Hit “save an image.”Go to your phone gallery to find that picture.

If you really desire to have some storage back.And capture images on your camera again.There is a way.Here is a guide.This guide teaches you what one should delete first.To, get extra room.

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