The Latest Trend In Netflix’s CEO Is Willing To Stream Movies To Smart Contact Lens

Netflix binge sessions could be viewed directly to your eye via a smart contact lens in future, and the co-founder of the company is all about it.These contact lenses are theoretical today and not appropriate for prime time. .Although, the idea of showing video onto a contact lens was talked before when the industry leaders predicted the future of mobile. Google Smart Contacts are used for the medical purpose as well. What is more important is that Netflix loves to follow new technology trends.

Charlie Brooker Producer of Black Mirror:

“Charlie Brooker from UK producer of Black Mirror,” he said. “In Black Mirror, he tells many strange and beautiful speculations on technology.”It also includes “wearing contact lenses that have all of the world’s information,” Hastings said in hit British television series.

What’s amazing about technology is it’s very hard to predict. If you started ten, 20 or 30 years ago, very few people would be able to predict what’s going on now”

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