You will soon receive a powerful and surprising ally in your eternal struggle for a good and peaceful night sleep.The Sleep Eye Mask Headphones not only block the light externally.They also have cool feature besides that.You can listen to your favorite songs, favorite programs or podcasts in an entirely comfortable environment.So this device makes your life easy and comfortable.

The Sleep Eye Mask gets wrapped around your head to stop outside light and noises.As it has very soft foam and plush covering, they are so smooth that you can wear the whole night.On a long drive or long plane journey.You will not feel uncomfortable at all like with ordinary headphones.

They have extra cushioned memory foam so that one can lay on them without fear of breakage or discomfort.It quickly gets connected to a nearly audio device or smartphone.So you can play your favorite soundtracks from your music gallery.The mask has an adjustable Velcro strap that can fit any head size.It is machine washable for quick and painless cleaning.You can easily wash it .just remove the electronic parts before washing.It has built-in Li-battery, when there is no light, you can charge it with the mini USB Cable.

The Sleep Eye Mask is an impressive selection for anyone who wants to block the outside world out while they sleep The comfortable eye mask does a great job of blocking surrounding light, and the built-in speakers work well. With enough volume and sound quality to work well

The Sleep Eye Maskn is available in the market as well on online shops.You can buy it from eBay.It is not very expensive.So hurry up and get this device and give your self a comfortable night sleep.if you compare the comfort with a price.This device is priceless then .