Not getting adequate sleep changes man behavior. Men who do not take good sleep often transforms into jerks.

“The impact of limited quantity or poor quality sleep is increased irritability, anxiousness, and difficulty with mood stabilization,” Dr. Noah Siegel, a doctor, and professor at Harvard medical school, told Fatherly.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hardly one out of three adults does not get their daily recommended sleep which is seven hours.
Scientists say that lack of sleep can lead you to irrational emotional responses, by weakening the connection between the amygdala. It is the emotional control center of the brain and also the prefrontal cortex of the brain. It is responsible for personality expression, general social behavior and decision making.
Men who do not take good rest are not only angry. They are little dumb too. As, they do not take good rest, so that type of people experience frustration. They find it difficult to learn anything as well.
Research tells that men are affected by sleep deprivation differently, as compared to women. According to Dr.Jim Horne who is the director of Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University said that women require approximately 20 more minutes of sleep as compare to men, for their complex brain to repair.
It is also said that sleep-deprived men may be more to high-risk behaviors.
Siegel tells that he has seen more male patients who say that they do not require sleep of seven hours. They insist that they are perfectly fine. He says  “They are wrong,” If these under sleepers got more rest, they would find themselves more active and happier.