Are you frustrated by why your blog never seems to rank in Google, how hard you try?This problem is not only faced by you.The owner spends so much time and money on the blog; then they get discouraged when they don’t see their site ranking.This post has cool six ways that if you apply these tips to your blog.You will get a significant amount of traffic on your blog.These six ways are as follows:

Six Ways To Get Your Blog Post Ranking In Google

1. Keyword research

However, keywords are not that important now as they used to be.But still, they are the necessary element of SEO.Doing some keyword research will help you find keywords that have a chance of ranking for.

Gathers a list of keywords you can use.Look for longer phrases words that are related to your post.It is better to choose the main topic for your post.It is preferable just to choose one or two keywords.Then use those keywords again and again in the post.

When, you are done selecting possible phrases.Go to Google and look for those keywords.Go with keywords that you think have a great chance of ranking.

2. On-page SEO

The major feature of On-page SEO is using your selected keywords in important areas of your pot. Yoast Seo or All in One Pack plugin can be helpful for this.

Critical areas to use keywords and phrases are Title tag, URL, Header tags, Alt image tags and image captions.Using a variety of relevant phrases and keywords is essential.

3. Choose a format that has the best chance of getting links and shares

Research tells that that certain blog post formats lead to get more links and social shares.In other words, posts that are based on solid research have most likes and shares,

“why” and “how to” posts are best.

4. Word count

There is no important figure for word count.Even short content posts are ranked too on Google.However, research tells that high-ranking posts are usually longer, and they are more in depth.A good post must have 1285 maximum and 300 minimum words.

The most important thing is the quality of your post content.So fill your post with high quality content to rank it on google.

5. Promote it on social media

The good way to get your posts viewed is to share them on social media.You should share your posts with your friends, followers.Also, you can invest in social ads to get more clicks.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online platforms can be great places to publicize your posts.

6. Get links to your blog posts

The major step to getting your blog post high rank in Google is to create links to that post.While , most business owners spend time in gathering links to their page.Many forget to create links to posts.

Few other ways you can get these links include:
  • Linking internally, to your blog posts on your site.
  • Creating outbound links
  • Let viewers know about specific posts that would be relevant to them. Research-backed posts tend to work best for this, particularly if you include your original research.


Creating blog posts is expensive, and it needs a lot of time as well.If, you are investing time and money on your blog.Follow these steps to get traffic on your blog.These tips will help you a lot.


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