Venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, who has been accused by multiple unnamed women of sexual misconduct in a recent news report, is now being accused by a Republican-affiliated opposition research firm of spreading false information about it in an attempt to cover up his alleged wrongdoings.

In a bizarre twist on Wednesday, Definers Public Affairs — which Pishevar is suing for allegedly helping to spread a false police report that accuses him of rape — filed a motion to dismiss the investor’s suit in full. That motion, made in San Francisco Superior Court, argues that Pishevar’s lawsuit should be thrown out under California’s anti-Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (anti-SLAPP) law, which was designed to prevent litigation that is simply meant to silence or intimidate critics by burying them under legal costs.

Pishevar “filed the lawsuit before reporters published their stories, undoubtedly hoping his lawsuit would intimidate women and the press from revealing reports of alleged sexual misconduct and harassment,” the motion argues.

Last week, Bloomberg News reported that Pishevar sexually harassed five unnamed women, who had agreed to use their names in the story, but then retracted their permission after learning about Pishevar’s lawsuit and legal tactics. Pishevar originally sued Definers in November, following the publication of stories in multiple outlets about an alleged rape that occurred in London in May. In that suit, the investor accused Definers of disseminating false information about the London incident. A police document, which some outlets…

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