Perhaps you already bought an Apple Watch. You wear it every day, or you wear it once in a while. Maybe you stashed in a drawer or returned it or gave it away. Now there’s a new Watch, the Series 4. What you really want to know is if you can ignore this new one (and its price tag) and stick with what you’ve got. We’re here for you.

Decision Factors:

1. The feature set of the new Watch Series 4
2. The price(s)
3. Your enthusiasm about and susceptibility to the marketing and design of new iThings
4. The age/generation/features of your current watch.

The new features

First let’s look at the new features that were baked into the current Apple Watch (Series 3).

  • Cellular connectivity
  • A W2 wireless chip
  • Water resistant and okay for shallow swimming
  • 70% faster dual-core processor
  • A barometric altimeter (for tracking horizontal position)

Not a bad feature set. Now add to those the new features in the Apple Watch Series 4:

There’s a good chance your decision will come down to the display on your watch vs. the display on the Watch Series 4. The display on the new Watch is more than 30% larger than the one on your Watch. And yet the Series 4 body size is only a tad bigger (on the diagonal) and a tiny bit thinner. Apple accomplishes this by removing the black bezel space around the display. As with the iPhone display, the screen will appear to extend to the edges of the device. Consequently, there will be much more room for more information on the Watch face.

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The company says it redesigned the software interface to take advantage of…