If you go to any company’s website these days, you’re probably starting to see some chat functionality more and more often — and for good reason, as it’s a quick way for those companies to get in touch with their potential customers.

And SendBird, which launched in February this year out of Y Combinator, has tried to quietly begin eating up this space by giving developers tools to quickly roll out chat functionality for those companies. While the core version of SendBird is able to handle most use cases for organizations looking for chat functionality, co-founder John Kim said that as it’s continued to grow and bring on more companies, those niche cases are starting to fill out and the tools are more and more capable of helping larger organizations. The company said it’s raised $16 million in a new round of financing led by Shasta Ventures and August Capital thanks to that, along with existing investors Y Combinator and Funders’ Club.

“They usually have a very thorough list of use cases, a lot of people are used to WhatsApp or Slack,” Kim said. “They ask for features they’d like to build. Because we can work with some big companies, we go line-by-line and we cover 90% of their use cases off the bat. Others can be unique to their use cases, then we work hand-in-hand to build those features. Once we do that, the sales to the next customer become easier because we have a product that’s a little wider in coverage. That’s why we’re able to win bigger and bigger customers in a short period of time.”

SendBird’s core product is a development kit that helps companies begin to…