When you, make a document in Word.You must know how to save it for future access or editing.Like previous versions of Word, file can be saved to your computer.You can also save data to the cloud by using OneDrive.In this tutorial, we will teach you how to save Word documents.

How to save Word documents

Save and Save As

Word allows two methods for collecting files: Save And Save As.Both options work in almost same ways, with little differences:

Save: When making or editing a document.Save command is used to save the changes.For saving a file, you will have to name the file and choose the location to save it for the first time.

Save As: It is used to create a copy of a document while the original is also there.For using Save As, choose a different name and location to copy the file.

To save a document:

Saving a document is essential.Saving your work can prevent it from being lost.Also, remember the location where you save the project so that you can find it easily.

1.Select the Save command from the Quick Access toolbar.

save Word documents

2.If it is your first time to save the file.The Save As panel will be shown in the Backstage view.

3.You will have to select where to save the file.Name it.To save your document to your PC, choose This PC, then Browse.You can also click on OneDrive to save your file to OneDrive.

save Word documents

4.The Save As box will show on the screen.Choose the location to save the document.

5.Enter the file name then hit on Save.

save Word documents

6.The document will be saved on your Pc.You can click on the Save as you make changes to your document every time.

Using Save As to make a copy

If you, want to save a different version of a document.While keeping your original.A copy can also be created.For Example, If you have a file names my medical report, you can save it as my medical report two so that you can edit the new file while keeping the original as it is.

For this, you have to click the Save As in Backstage view.Choose the file location to save and give it a name just like when you were saving a file for the first time.

To change the default save location:

If you, do not want to use OneDrive.Don’t worry, if you find it inconvenient to choose Computer every time.You can change the default save location.So by default Computer is selected.

1.Click the File tab to go to Backstage view.

2.Click Options

3.The Word Options dialog box will appear. Select Savecheck the box next to Save to Computer by default, then click OK. The default save location will be changed.

I hope  you have learned it How to save Word documents in this tutorial.Pls, don’t forget to give your feedback.Thanks!!!


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