Samsung OLED un breakable phone screen

In future Samsung Galaxy phone(not this Galaxy phone) will have a flexible screen. It will be unbreakable. The Korean electronics giant spoke on Wednesday that it is recently developing phone panel which is being certified by Underwriters Laboratories. Samsung further added that it expects the new panel to have applications in phone markets as well. Such as mobile military devices, automobiles and portable game consoles.

The flexible OLED panel is made of an unbreakable material with an overlay window mounted to it. The protected plastic window is ideal for portable electronic devices. It is not only suitable because of it’s unbreakable features but also because of it’s lightweight and hardness.

Its durability is awesome. Samsung said that it was dropped 26 times from a height of nearly 4 feet and still functioned usually, without any damage.

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All of Samsung’s flagship phones offer flexible curved displays.

All of Samsung’s flagship phones now have flexible, curved displays,  ZTE’s 2017 Axon M comes with two screens. Samsung is soon expected to release a device that will be a foldable phone with one flexible OLED display and no hinge.

Samsung and Huawei are having competition. Samsung claims to release such a foldable phone

Samsung Mobile President DJ Koh has made a record to talk about the company’s plans for a foldable Galaxy phone. He has told reporters to expect a folding phone as early as possible in this year.


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