Samsung has provided a glimpse of three new projects that are brewing in its in-house incubator program.

The Korean electronics giant will officially showcase the products at CES 2018 in Las Vegas next week, but for now it has revealed some details of what’s been cooking in C-Lab.

A few months back, Samsung launched Relúmĭno, an app that works in conjunction with the Samsung Gear VR headset to help the visually impaired see more clearly. The rear camera on the smartphone serves as the “eyes” of the Gear VR, with the app magnifying specific areas of the real world — from books to artwork — while adjusting color contrast and brightness to make the object easier to see. Now, however, Samsung is taking things a step further by developing Relúmĭno smart eyeglasses specifically for the app.

While the company hasn’t given any indication of what the Relúmĭno glasses look like, it’s clear that the new eyewear is designed to make the Relúmĭno app more practical to use in a real-world situation — after all, carrying a hefty VR headset around with you isn’t ideal. The glasses will still work in conjunction with a smartphone, drawing from its power and processors, while a built-in camera and display saves you from having to slide your smartphone into the front of the spectacles as you would have to do with the Gear VR.

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Over in the audio realm, Samsung also announced S-Ray (Sound-Ray), which is a directional speaker designed with portability in mind.

It’s an interesting idea that could have many use-cases — for example, you may wish to listen to music in your office without wearing…