Of course, Sam Fisher means stealth, and that’s what you’ll get from the mission. While you won’t be able to play as the Spinter Cell protagonist, you will meet up with him after infiltrating an enemy base at night. You’ll then have to protect Sam from various waves of bad guys as he tries to get sensitive intel that has been stolen by the enemy forces. “This is a stealth mission, so breathe, do recon, and take your time,” said Ubisoft’s Nouredine Abboud in a PlayStation Blog post. “Use all of the recon and stealth tools at your disposal, especially your drone and night vision goggles. Divert enemies with diversion grenades. Call in the rebels when you need assistance, or try to play the mission in co-op with your friends if you need extra help.”

The new update also contains a new PVP mode called Sabotage, along with some new PVP features, like the first of a planned six new classes, five new maps and new weapons and perks to take in to player versus player modes. You can also customize your AI teammates in single player mode with new customization options. If you complete the Sam Fisher mission successfully, you’ll get Sam’s iconic three-lensed night vision goggles along with some other loot. “Alright, Ghosts,” says the gravelly-voiced soldier in the trailer for the new free mission. “This is Sam Fisher; let’s go for a ride.”