It’s been about two years since Salesforce acquired Quip, a cloud-based word processor to compete with the likes of Google Docs, Zoho Docs, and Microsoft 365. Since then, it’s expanded upon the platform with custom-built applications that can be embedded directly into any Quip document, plus pre-built document and spreadsheet templates for specific industries and projects.

Ahead of Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference next week, the San Francisco company today announced a bevy of new productivity-focused features intended to round out Quip’s offerings: Quip Slides, apps from Box and Dropbox, and new integrations within the Salesforce ecosystem.

“Quip Slides empowers teams to create interactive, social presentations,” Salesforce wrote in a blog post. “Seventy-nine percent of slides created never see the big stage; instead they are used for internal meetings and trainings. Quip Slides was created with this in mind, featuring artificial intelligence-powered insights, interactive prompts for feedback, and live Salesforce and third-party data — to move work forward, faster.”

Quip Slides looks a lot like Google Slides or PowerPoint at first glance, and that’s more or less intentional — it’s a cloud-based presentation designer. But the key differentiator is its tight integration with Salesforce’s tools and services. A collaboration feature lets team members edit documents at the same time (and chat with one another using a built-in instant messenger), and charting allows them to link interactive graphs to data in Quip Spreadsheets and Salesforce Reports.

Other Quip Slides…