Roku has long been known for its set-top boxes and Roku TVs, but now, the entertainment company is introducing the Roku TV Wireless Speakers. They’re the Roku’s first pair of wireless speakers that will harness the Roku Connect platform that was announced at CES to link up with your Roku-powered smart TV over Wi-Fi.

The goal of the Roku TV Wireless Speakers isn’t necessarily to compete with ultra high-end home theater setups but with the built-in speakers on your smart TV that tend to be the default option for most users. If you’re the kind of person who obsesses over your sound system, the Roku TV Wireless Speakers probably aren’t for you. They’re more for the sort of person who wishes their movies and music sounded better without having to rewire their entire living room. They’re a more simple and entry-level way of stepping into the wide (and oftentimes, jargon-filled and confusing) world of audio equipment.

I was able to listen to a pre-production demo of the Wireless Speakers compared to the built-in speakers on a TCL Roku TV, and they do what Roku is promising here. The paired speakers offered a fuller, richer stereo sound than the TV speakers. Music had a better range, especially on the low end, and movie clips had more detailed audio than without the extra punch the speakers provided. We’ll obviously have to wait for the speakers to come out to see how they sound compared to their competition, but Roku seems to have succeeded in its goal of outperforming the default option.