Going for a job, out side the home. It could be in the office or doing any other outside job.It is not easy to cook a full meal.When a person, gets back from a job.Instead of preparing food, there are many other options.
Like eating ready made meals, take drive through food or eat at restaurants.However, they are not healthy as well all the time.Plus they are expensive too on your budget.But think if you could have a robot who could perform your kitchen tasks.A London company has designed.Robo Chef is for home use.

Robo Chef Features:

This robot( Robo Chef) has two arms with nobs.It has a sink and an oven.The citified robot hands were made by “Shadow Robot Company.”

This robot ( Robo Chef) first records human actions. And then it converts those actions into movements.Chef Tim Anderson trained this robot.

In 2017, consumer version will be there in the market.It will have many other features like a lot of recipes, a fridge, and dish washing machine.It means one not only have to cook food for him or her self.One does not have to wash dishes as well. An Application will control this robot ( Robo Chef).It means you can order your meals for cooking. Before, you reach home.So we can say that this will save your time as well.Moley also wants to put cameras as well. So that user can teach it to make dishes.

Price Of Robo Chef:

Obviously, that type of sophisticated technology must be costly.So only rich people can buy this robot.Its price will be close $15,000.But hopefully when any other new technology will come in the market.It’s Price will decrease.Any one could buy it then.