Ring, a Santa Monica-based startup known for its connected video doorbells, has announced a suite of new security products at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Among the new products is Ring Beams, a range of outdoor security lights that are the result of Ring’s first known acquisition. Ring quietly snapped up Ohio-based Mr. Beams, a company that makes off-grid LED lights, and now is integrating smart lights into its broader security offering.

The Ring Beams product range constitute a number of outdoor security lights including pathway lights, step lights, and spotlights, which will work in conjunction with Ring’s security cameras and doorbells.

Above: Ring Beams: Light

Additionally, Ring also announced two new security cameras: the Stick Up Cam and Stick Up Cam Elite. These represent the first of Ring’s camera options designed to work both indoors and outdoors, while the Stick Up Cam Elite sports a Power of Ethernet (POE) option, meaning you can use just the one cable for both power and a network connection.

Above: Ring: Stick Up Cam Elite

The story so far

We first covered Ring back in 2013 when it was known as Doorbot and all it offered was a doorbell equipped with a Wi-Fi-connected camera. Following a rebrand in 2014, Ring went on to bolster its arsenal of products to include the Ring Chime alert device, motion-detection technology, solar panelssecurity cameras, and a cloud video-storage service.

A few months back, Ring announced a new holistic DIY home security system called Ring Protect, constituting a keypad, base station, contact sensor, infrared sensor, and Z-Wave extender to ensure…