Latest technology discovered a quick and simple way to treat wounds with stem cells.

Renova Care

Renova care intakes number of cells which include stem cells. It requires patients suitable area of skin.  They are then supplied to the company’s Skin Gun and sprayed on the wound.This procedure requires 90 minutes.

Another Way To Skin Grafts

With the help of stem cells to treat any kinds of burns is better than skin grafting.Skin grafting is very painful as well.Stem Cells treatment for burns or wound is much better than skin grafting.Skin grafting is very painful as large sheets of healthy skin is taken from the patient body.One more disadvantage is a limitation of joint movement.Patients with grafting treatment can suffer from many problems from psychological to physical.

High-Cell Viability

Renova Care treatment is considered effective because of its great rate of cells able to move.

When allocating cells on a cut, it is must that there is no broken passage.Broken cells lower the performance of medication.With Renova Care Skin Gun ninety-seven percent of the stem cells remain applicable, when sprayed on the burn.Cells are set apart from a right area of the body. Sprays them on the burn and speed up the healing process.Time is essential for the healing of the wound.

Patenting Issues

 Thousands of patients used The Cell Mist System for a trial basis. However clinical usage is not approved. The company is awaiting FDA approval.

There are multi-faceted challenges faced by the firm in upbringing its med tech to the market. Alongside efforts generated towards FDA approval, the RenovaCare is fighting against Avita Medical. A company that, produces a skin regeneration system. This group has challenged the patents of RenovaCare by filing against RenovaCare with the U.S Patent and Appeals Board. The board is yet to decide whether this case should be taken up to the court.

Mesh grafting is a typical and old method to treat burns. Its yield is lesser than that of RenovaCare’s Cell Mist. Cell mist can easily cover 100 times. The harvest area as compared to mesh grafting. Bold told the TechNewsWorld that by their technology skin samples would be as small as the size of a postage stamp.

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