The days of Amazon Web Services as an infrastructure provider are over as the company — and its customers — are going server less and moving up the stack to be a machine learning, data management and artificial intelligence platform.

the road to re:Invent 2017

At re:Invent, AWS CEO Andy Jassy was pitching his company to data scientists as much as IT pros deploying Internet of things tools and various databases. AWS CTO Werner Vogels was outlining his vision of computing in the future and it all revolved around data.

“The quality of the data you have will be the differentiator,” said Vogels. “Data will have a crucial impact on how companies change behavior and build new systems.”

Turns out, according to Vogels, that cloud computing was “an egalitarian system that set the stage for data” and “neural networks we can execute in real-time.”

If you were merely looking at a collection of new service, the connective tissue at AWS’ re:Invent conference in Las Vegas was hard to discern due to the sheer barrage of news. AWS announced media services, a host of customers and more databases, Alexa for Business, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence choices. And I’m probably omitting a few. In true AWS fashion, the plan was to launch more services in two days than many companies do in a year. What’s different going forward is that AWS is focused on managed and micro services so its services are easy to consume and viewed through a data lens.

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