You should not make the old posts that you have written in past get buried in the new posts you are publishing today. I will tell you few ways to recycle old posts.

Eleven Cool Ways To Recycle Old Posts

1. Tweet them

Tweet links to past posts daily. Make a schedule in Buffer. Create a schedule in  Hootsuite, so old posts are tweeted on a daily basis.

2. Facebook them

Often  I’ve posted older posts on Facebook and labeled them “old is gold” so people know it’s not new.

3. Pin them

You get embarrassed when you see the old photos you attached to your posts back in the day. Refresh your pictures and take the opportunity to pin them.

4. Instagram them

Best way to do this is to pull up your post on your phone, make a screenshot of images, crop it and send it on Instagram. (Since Instagram doesn’t allow you to link, so don’t forget to tell users where to find it.)

5. Book or eBook them

Make a bunch of your old posts into a PDF or even an ebook. Give it away for free, or you could sell it. Many people will pay for the organization of old content.

6. Link them

Link your older posts in your new posts.

7. Highlight them

Make a page where you put all your best posts in a way that guides others through the awesome stuff on your blog. You can name this page as “Best of…..”.or something same like this,

8. Relate them

Use a plugin like LinkWithin  to automate the process of listing older content at the end of your posts. Or, consider adding related posts manually for refined selection.

9. Email them

An email newsletter, is the best place to plug your old posts.

10. Expand them

Select the posts that are particularly good or famous and then make new content around them. It’s better to write a new series or try a different angle. In this way, you will also get new content. And you’ll be able to refer others back to your other material at the same time.

11. FAQ them

Almost everyone loves an excellent FAQ page right. Write some common questions and quick answers on a page and refer back to your evergreen posts for in detail answers.