Depending on the type of use that each user wants to give the Windows 10 operating system itself, Microsoft has designed many versions of it, with various configuration options and customization so that the user themselves can choose up to their requirements.

Windows 10 has introduced an interesting latest feature that will directly refer to the type of applications that each user wants to install and use it on their PC. Specifically, we are referring to a new functionality that will help prevent the installation of bloatware and therefore, in some cases, the entry of malware in its latest version of Windows.

This will allow customers of the firm to use this system properly updated, make use of the newly implemented feature that will allow users to configure Windows 10 so that they can only install applications from the company’s store, the Windows Store. This prevents the system from installing the usual Win32 applications since once we have enabled this new feature, we will encounter a warning each time whenever we try to install one of the aforementioned Win32 applications.

Microsoft with official Windows 10 applications

Specifically Windows 10 “warns” that “applications of the Windows Store help keep our PC Segur or reliable.” Obviously, this is a function that is disabled by default, but all those who wish can activate it easily. In fact, it will offer two different options for the same feature, either completely prevent the installation of Win32 applications, or may allow them to be installed but with the warning message seen before.

This is undoubtedly a new feature with which Microsoft wants to prevent the installation of bloatware and malware on PCs with Windows 10. Of course, all this will not be useful for experienced users who want to use the usual tools Win32. However, for all those who only need the basic functionality of Windows and want to keep their computer free of other “unwanted” software, will be of great help.

In fact failing to install Win32 applications, will keep novice users “clean” at all times, at least for those prone to install malware and other malicious code on their computers. According to the own firm of Redmond, the store of Windows 10 has applications that will satisfy their needs in the majority of the cases.