Raspberry Pi users now have one more browser to choose from besides Chromium, Firefox, and Midori, with the newly-announced availability of an experimental version of power-user-focused Vivaldi.

The Blink-based browser from former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner is expanding beyond Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs to a range of ARM-based developer boards, including the Raspberry Pi, CubieBoard, Asus Tinker Board, and more.

Vivaldi doesn’t yet have a mobile browser but it was its work on one that helped spawn the build for Raspberry Pi, according to the company. It also points to Samsung’s DeX project as a potential new platform for Vivaldi. DeX aims to run full Linux on a Galaxy phone connected to a display.

With over 14 million Raspberry Pi units now having been sold since 2012, it and other ARM-based developer boards offer a fringe but growing market for Vivaldi.

Vivaldi developers in Oslo point out that the browser can be helpful on a Raspberry Pi connected to a TV as an alternative to the basic browsers that come with smart TVs.

The Vivaldi build for ARM is currently considered experimental and so may not get regular bug fixes. However, Vivaldi will take reports from users.

Vivaldi’s developers say their browser is better suited to Raspberry Pi users than Chromium, which ships with Raspbian, because of Vivaldi’s customization options.


To install Vivaldi on the Debian-based Raspbian, users need only double-click on the downloaded installer. The…

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