You are a person who likes to do a lot of things. At the same time, you have a job, you have to study, and you want to participate in social activities.

In this scenario, we all come across the same problem that, there is alot to do and we do not know how to do all this.

Don’t worry !!!

There are alot of applications that can help you. In this article, I will tell you apps that are very handy and useful for you.

 Fantastical (iOS/Mac)

productive life tools

A calendar tool is necessary nowadays.

Every one requires to know what and when occasions are scheduled. Different apps are awesome. One of these apps is Fantastical.

It has a good design, and it is user-friendly as well. With the help of this app, you can quickly create events and reminders.


You can buy  Fantastical for iOS for US$4.99 and the Mac version for US$49.99.


Do you have a rapidly inefficacious and pilling up email inbox  or you have a good team you don’t know how to handle it

Asana is the solution to it.

This application makes working on a huge project with many people more manageable.

It has an inbox where all types of activities that are being performed in the group are concentrated.

Amongst all it is free. You can host a team of fewer than fifteen people.

Asana Premium costs $8.33 per month per user.


productive life tools

So now we have a calendar application to manage our time. We have a project management application to organize our team, So one more thing is left that I have no solution to handle my tasks.

Often we pay attention to control everything around us. Meanwhile, we forget about our tasks. We forget about our daily routine things like i have to buy this grocery for my kitchen or today is my friend birthday. All these little things should be handled as well. Either we forget to do these or we are too busy.

Here is where Todoist works.

This application meets all those requirements in a simple, minimalist interface.

You can put specific dates with natural language. That is, you can write something like: “Buy flowers for my husband on Saturday, September 28 at 9 pm”, and it will automatically put the date and time into the reminder.

Todoist is also free, though some features, such as reminders and labels, are part of the Pro plan are not free which costs US$30 a year.

The free version is fantastic and can be used on all platforms. Then, if you feel the experience the app’s full potential, you can also subscribe to the Pro version.

With this application, you can manage all of your tasks and events efficiently.

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