I really wanted to like Windows 10’s Mail app. I always thought Outlook was overkill for me, so when Windows 10 was in development, I closely tracked how its mail client was coming along. It turns out that Windows Mail is unusable, and instead of improving it, Microsoft is looking to drive users away.

Microsoft started forcing Mail to use Edge for email links in Windows 10 build 17623 last month. This week, the company started including Office 365 ads right at the bottom of the app. But even these poor decisions are just extra nails in the coffin.

I have always preferred desktop email clients to web email. I like having all my emails available offline by default, I prefer managing emails in windows, and I like leaving emails open in a constant to-do list style.

After getting frustrated with Outlook 2017’s instabilities, I thought to myself — why not switch to Windows Mail? Surely a basic email client is enough to cover my needs.

I was horribly mistaken.

Windows Mail has difficulty sending and receiving email. No, I’m not exaggerating for effect.

If you have an email open and Windows Mail detects that a new email has hit your inbox, you’ll get a notification. Standard stuff. If, however, you then click on said notification, Windows Mail will take you to the open email message, rather than the one that you just clicked on. That’s half of the time. The other half of the time this happens, Windows Mail will crash altogether.

Apparently having one email open and trying to open another one that just came in is overwhelming for Windows Mail. But that’s not the end of it.

Windows Mail is also…