Positive thinking exercises can make a huge difference in your standard of life.Positive thinking exercises are same like other activity exercises.One needs to practice these exercises to receive the results.Using your mind to become more positive is not different than exercising your body to become healthier.

Positive Thinking Exercises

1.Always use positive words :

While talking to others try to use only positive words.Avoid negative words like “don’t,”can’t” and “no.”

2.Stuff your mind with positive thoughts:

Always look for positive things.Discover things you like about yourself, your friends and your life.When you, will focus on positive.It will be easier to think positive thoughts.


If you get success, share it with others.Try to celebrate all things that happen in your life.No matter they are big or small.


A simple smile can put you into an active mind.Smile when you see your self in the mirror.Smile when you meet others.Even smile for no reason.

5.Let go of the past:

Have you ever thought about the moments in your past when you felt angry?Your emotions are attached to your thoughts.If you change your thinkings, your feelings will change.Just make up your mind to this that what happened can not be modified.You can not do anything to change the past.But you can change your present and your future.Past you can not change, future you don’t’ know, today is the gift that is why it is called present.

6.Be Grateful:

Always be grateful for your life.Count your blessings, not troubles.When you, will start to be always grateful for what you have.You will see a significant change in your life.

7.Mirror Technique:

Every time you see your self in the mirror.Tell mirror what you like about your self.Tell your mirror everything you are doing, or you are feeling.

I hope these exercises will help you a lot in transforming your life.

There are excellent books on this topic.One of these books is “Positive Attitude” it is available at Amazon.

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