“Adult entertainment” giant Pornhub is entering the busy virtual private network (VPN) space with the launch of its very own VPN service.

Dubbed VPNhub, the new service is available for free via native apps on Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows, though there is a premium subscription available that gets rid of the ads and promises faster speeds. In the U.S., this will cost between $12 and $14 per month, depending on the platform.

Above: VPNhub: Premium

VPNhub promises unlimited bandwidth, even on the free service, which is key given that Pornhub’s core selling point is bandwidth-intensive video, while it offers around 1,000 servers across 15 countries. And it promises that it logs no user data.

VPNs have served as popular online privacy tools for years, helping internet users mask their location and increase their privacy, while also allowing them to access services restricted to other regions. Online privacy is among one of the most hotly discussed topics of the moment, and many VPN and encrypted messaging services have reported surges in downloads due to shifts across the political sphere.

Private email platform ProtonMail launched a VPN service last year, while a few months back McAfee snapped up popular VPN provider TunnelBear.

Pornography is obviously one industry that may be more prone to being blocked in certain locations, while many users may not wish to peruse risqué content for fear of being found out. And that is why Pornhub is now launching a service of its own. But how much demand will there be for yet another VPN service? Well, the company thinks that, because VPNs are…