It was only natural that the Internet’s cyber-criminal element would turn its gaze towards the Bitcoin ecosystem after the cryptocurrency’s price has surged from $11,000 on Monday to almost $17,500 over the weekend.

With such high potential for profit, crooks have ramped app phishing operations in the hopes of taking over accounts, stealing funds, and selling the stolen coins while the price breaks new record highs each day.

Phishers ramp up operations

During the past week, several phishing attempts against Bitcoin-related sites and Bitcoin users have been reported.

For example, CheckPhish, a service that keeps track of recent phishing pages against high-profile brands, has spotted five phishing domains targeting the Blockchain wallet service, one of the largest on the market.

In addition to the CheckPhish reports, several security researchers have also identified numerous others.

But Blockchain wasn’t the only brand miscreants targeted. They also went after LocalBitcoins, a very popular Bitcoin exchange.

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