Periscope Data is trying to make it easier for data teams to process large amounts of information from across their companies with a new cloud data warehouse service that the company announced today.

The Unified Data Platform is designed to provide a single source for companies to perform data processing, analytics, and visualization, which is important for generating insights from the information that’s tied up in business systems.

It’s supposed to solve a key problem: While companies have plenty of data about how their business is doing, it can be hard for analysts to reason over all of it, owing to a series of technical silos that makes collating and processing all that information difficult. Periscope Data’s new product helps fix that by bringing all of a company’s data into Amazon Web Services’ Redshift database.

Once the data is loaded in, teams can query the information using SQL, R, and Python. Periscope Data’s software is also able to provide visualizations in the form of both reports and dashboards. According to Periscope Data CEO Harry Glaser, this whole system is supposed to replace the existing approach to building data warehousing and analytics capabilities, which often requires chaining together multiple software packages.

“Generally speaking, if you’re a data team and you’re getting up and running, what you will do is assemble a platform out of various siloed products — some of them B2B products, some of them open source or consumer products — and then stitch them together with spit and duct tape,” he said in an interview with VentureBeat.

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