Ex-FCC CIO David Bray. Image: FCC

The IG report has not been released to the public, but FCC chairman Ajit Pai has seen it and commented on it on Monday. In the statement, Pai says the report “debunks the conspiracy theory” that his office had something to do with the shutdown of its public comment servers after May 7, when talk show host John Oliver appealed to his millions of viewers to express their support for net neutrality.

The FCC’s comments server suddenly choked after the broadcast and became unavailable into the next day. The FCC told the press after the event that the server had been the target of two distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks, the aim of which is to overload a server until it can no longer respond. Not everyone was convinced.

Pai now acknowledges that there was no DDoS attack on the comments server, laying the blame on his former chief information officer, David Bray, for saying that there was. Here’s the key section from Pai’s comments today:

“Indeed, as the report documents, on the morning of May 8, it was the former CIO who informed my office that ‘some external folks attempted to send high traffic in an attempt to tie-up the server from responding to others, which unfortunately makes it appear unavailable to everyone attempting to get through the queue.’ In response, the Commission’s Chief of Staff, who works in my office, asked if the then-CIO was confident that the incident wasn’t caused by a number of individuals ‘attempting to comment at the same time . . . but rather some external folks deliberately trying to tie-up the server.’ In response…