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Many IT consultancies and cloud providers do everything they can to facilitate expedited cloud migrations to help deliver on the needs of enterprise organizations. This expedited approach typically involves a “lift and shift” of on-premises systems to a cloud environment, with the promise that optimization will happen later once everything is functioning in the cloud. But why do something twice, when you can save a lot of resources by doing it right the first time?

Consider this analogy: home ownership is to on-premises as renting is to the Cloud.

When buying a home, you consider both your current and anticipated needs. You think about size, configuration, location, environment, cost — if you need a guest room or not, travel time to and from the office, if your family will grow because of kids or aging parents, etc. Once you have a sense of what you’ll need and how you anticipate the home will be used, you pull the trigger and make a purchase that you hope will satisfy those needs for the next 5-10 years.

Setting up on-premises infrastructure follows a similar logic. You consider the number and configuration of servers, location, cooling needs, power supply, disaster recovery facilities, physical security, etc. Just like buying a house, once you’ve identified both what you think you need now and for the foreseeable future, you make the purchase and start leveraging the investment.

And then, life happens. What you thought your life was going to look like is not always how it ends up: the guest room goes unused, that workout room you needed has simply become a place to…