Logisys discovered the Optical Finger Mouse.The creative way of surfing your PC through this Optical Finger Mouse is so awesome.It is effortless to use.Just tie the mouse on to your index finger or your middle finger and find a flat place and you can move the cursor on the screen with your free hand to do what you desire with only a finger or little hand movement.Typing problem is also solved.As this mouse also allows you to type while you are using it.It is connected to your computer through USB cord behind the CPU.It is not only for desk top computers.You can use it on your laptop and mobile as well.I am very sure if this mouse is available in our market the users will buy it.

optical finger mouse


  • Tie it on your index finger keeping sensor tip in alignment with your index finger tip or little higher according to your ease level.
  • Provide support by using the middle finger to hold the finger mouse against your index finger while you are clicking.
  • Note the cursor with your index finger while using your thumb to control the right button, left button and scroll bar.

  • It gets secured to your finger very easily because of an elastic fastening tape.
  • Easy mouse cursor control
  • It works on any kind of surface except on glass.
  • It has buttons and scroll wheel for easy exploration.
  • USB cord length is 3 foot 8 inch, which is very comfortable