I started using an evaluation Galaxy Note 9, see my full review, on 9 August and just past a month of use with it and my own phone. There has not been a single day that the phone has not impressed me and there is still more to discover as I continue exploring all of its capabilities.

When our 10 best smartphones list was updated a few weeks ago, the Note 9 made its way to the top. We know that Apple will announce a few phones this week and given everything we know, the Galaxy Note 9 is likely to keep that top spot with one of the best devices for business..

As I look back over the last month of use and towards the future, here are nine things I love about the Galaxy Note 9:

  1. S Pen: The S Pen has always been the key differentiator for Note fans and with the Note 8 I was using it quite a bit for easy navigation and text entry, hovering over email to preview the content, screen off memos, enjoyable browsing with hover scrolling, fun and personal Live Messages, quick magnification, and much more. The Note 9 extends that functionality even further with Bluetooth remote control capability. There is even more to come too as Samsung will be opening up the S Pen SDK to developers so the S Pen will truly be something unique in the smartphone world.
  2. Display: The Infinity Display is the killer feature of the Galaxy Note 9 and although we might sound like a broken record, DisplayMate keeps confirming that Samsung sets the bar for smartphone displays. The 6.4 inches is stunning and I’ve been watching more content than ever…