“I don’t say disrupt,” says Parker Stanberry, CEO and founder of Oasis.

He may not say it, but he is certainly doing it—or trying anyway. The company, which he founded in Buenos Aires in 2009, is part of a growing cadre of Airbnb rivals who are looking to best the short-term home-sharing behemoth at its own game, and differentiate themselves at the same time.

Oasis manages a portfolio of high-end short-term rentals and offers them up to guests complete with clean towels, fast Wi-Fi, and even tiny shampoo bottles. “Our motto is home meets hotel,” explains Stanberry. Oasis offers homes that are a step up from the typical garage-turned-rental property that fill pages on Airbnb. Instead, these are drop-dead gorgeous homes in desirable locations akin to spending a long weekend in the pages of a copy of Architectural Digest magazine.

Thanks to having staff on the ground in each of the cities it operates in, Oasis can offer guests services like a fridge filled with breakfast items, a fully stocked bar (“That’s a mega bar, not a mini bar,” says Stanberry), and perhaps best for those intrepid travelers rolling off a red-eye flight into a new country, a so-called sidekick who can meet you at the airport, usher you to a waiting car, and walk you through the apartment you’ll be staying in.

That eliminates one of the more annoying aspects of Airbnb rentals—the dreaded key exchange—and ensures that you know where to find outlets and bathrooms and make sure you have the Wi-Fi password. Sidekicks can also offer guests insider knowledge about local hotspots or direct guests toward in-the-know…