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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has unveiled a new souped-up variant of its $3,000 Titan V GPU, which the company launched last year and billed as the most powerful PC GPU ever.

Huang unveiled the ‘Titan V CEO Edition’ at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he gave away 20 of the cards to AI researchers working on robotics and autonomous driving projects. And for now, these are the only people in the world who can get their hands on this limited edition model.

The Titan V is Nvidia’s most powerful PC GPU, but while gamers may drool over its power, the $3,000 board is aimed primarily at researchers and scientists. The Titan V is built on Nvidia’s Volta technology and features its Tensor cores.

Nvidia hasn’t revealed pricing for the limited edition model, but AnandTech has detailed specs that suggest if it is released to retail, it may cost somewhere between the standard Titan V and Nvidia’s much more expensive Tesla V100 GPUs.

But for now, the Huang-signed edition is a marketing stunt that lets Nvidia align the brand with AI research and distance it from gaming. According to Nvidia, Huang had them “specially made for AI researchers”.

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The standard Titan V features 12GB memory where as the CEO Edition features 32GB, while its deep-learning performance has increased from 110 teraflops to 125 teraflops.

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