Nvidia and Nuance announced a partnership today that’s aimed at helping health care institutions tap into artificial intelligence. The Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging is, as the name suggests, designed as a hub where medical professionals can pick up new tools for analyzing the results of X-ray imaging and other radiology tools.

AI developers will be able to release the models they’ve trained through Nuance’s PowerShare network, which will then allow participating medical institutions and radiology groups to subscribe. After they’ve subscribed, Nuance’s PowerScribe software will automatically apply the AI algorithm in relevant situations.

Nvidia’s Digits developer tool will be updated to provide developers with a way to publish their algorithms directly to Nuance PowerShare, so it’s easier for people to get their applications into the marketplace.

The deal is designed to help medical institutions benefit from the rise of machine learning by offering access to trained models. What’s more, the institutions developing these models can benefit from sharing them with other radiologists to drive the overall field forward.

Medical imaging is a tough field to tackle with machine learning since it encompasses multiple sections of the body and uses different machines that output different results. (A static X-ray film is quite different from a video of an ultrasound, for example.) On top of that, radiologists are often looking for different objects on the resulting images or videos.

With that in mind, Kimberly Powell, vice president for health care at Nvidia, said she expects…

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