Now your washroom can not stop you from listening to your favorite music.The  Bidet4meMusic Showerhead binds Bluetooth connectivity plus water saving technology.

It has background noise cancellation system.So let leave all the stress of the world behind.The shower head is eco-friendly.It saves up to 30 percent of normal water usage.

 You can remove the speaker and bring it near to you.Just pull it out and take it where you are happy to stream from any device with Bluetooth features.Uto 32 feet away.

If you, get a call while taking a shower.You can answer it with a built in microphone.This microphone will keep your voice clean.When a call is coming, music automatically stops.So what you have to do is just press the button located on the shower head to accept the call.

Its battery life is excellent.It lasts up to 8 hours even using continuously.For charging the battery. It has USB cable.Also, Lithium Ion batteries.

Bidet4meMusic Showerhead Components:

A.    The wireless speaker to hear while you are taking a shower.

B.     Bluetooth range is great.

C.      one set of lithium ion battery and USB cable charger.

D.     High-fidelity 3W waterproof speakers.

E.     Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR Technology.

F.      Noise reduction dual microphone.

G.      Water saving technology

So have fun with this shower.Get the Bidet 4me Music Showerhead from Amazon.

Consumer can also select handyman set it up for an extra $90.69